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2bers "Dig" wanders even further past what we've come to expect from the rap/hip-hop genre. The album emphasizes composition and songwriting alongside hard, looping drums. By embracing the lack of limitations of modern pop music, "Dig" strolls through genres, pulling from jazz, rock, funk, and country to create cohesive songs that start to make you question if it's even rap music anymore...to us it always will be.

1. Hey You
2. How to Relax (Watch the Official Video)
3. A Hit Song
4. Power
5. The King's Dead feat. Soandso
6. Saddle Light
7. Daniel 4/16
8. The Bridge Above
9. Dying to Breathe
10. A Love Strange
11. Until It's Gone
12. Sour Sugar feat. Idris Goodwin
13. Searching for Soul